Cruelty won’t Reign

By: Nobelle Neve Betia

7.5 billion people are living in this world as of this year according to worldometers. Though most of us have this the same characteristics, individuals have their own attitudes. Each of us could feel such emotions like love, happy, sad, disgust, fear, and anger. Even those persons who have disabilities as well as animals, we are biologically programmed with those feelings. But as what I have observed in this world full of emotions, the feeling or the attitude of cruelty dominates the reality and that, I can describe as a sad fact.

Normally, when strong emotions run in our veins, we are having this desire to share what we feel to others. Like for example, when we are in love, tendencies is that we want to burst out our feelings or scream it to the world, right? Same thing goes when you are feeling in despair which leads into something more serious situations.

Hurt people, hurt people,” a convicted felon said in the show called Scared Straight which was interpreted: “I got hurt, so I’m going to hurt others. Pain is all I know, so what else can I give? I have so much pain, I have to get rid of it onto others. Others deserve to suffer because I did. I had no choice. So why should anyone else? I don’t want to be alone in my hurt, I need to share it.” – Mary Rose 

In this sense, cruelty multiplies because we tend to get rid of what we call “hatred” and “violence” by passing our feelings to others. There are also other factors or reasons why other people get easily angry that turn into violence. For instance, a child is born with the unhealthy community where he/she always sees actual rude behaviors. And as that child grows, for him/her acting violently is normal and that’s how his/her life goes. Or maybe a person lacks love that’s why his/her behavior is negative. Having too much insecurity is the most common issue in today’s generation that creates hatred towards people. Another factor is the lack of spiritual exercise. Reasons like these have a big impact in a life of a person. Once they are triggered in some of these ways, their mind will be set in offensive mode.

But then again, Why would people still do such bad things when they already know that it is bad? As we are into new ages, modern generations are easily dominated by such trends. Social media is one of the portals to connect people in a variety of ways. We have thought that these social medias are for creating camaraderie and mainly to connect with people. But in reality, it turns out that these inventions are just creating a chaotic world which separates people. It is where they’ll burst out their hatred merely through words, spreading nonsense just to gain fame. The generation today needs special attention and by that, doing such wicked things is the most efficient way to attain that attention. But is it worth to do? How much hate could we spare for doing that? Is that really what the world needs and what you desire?

Still, humans as we are, we need to consider every little action that we do, even if it is mentally, verbally, or physically done. Dealing with wicked reality doesn’t mean that we should be mean or rude to others. It has its own ways. Do not choose to hurt others simply because you are in pain. Let us flip dark side into bright one where positive vibes should prevail.



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