By: Brina Lagahid

The government is the people who help the community to arise from any crisis. They think all possible ways that they can for the good of his or her people. Governments first duty is to protect the people not to run their own lives . Governments helps everything for their people’s need.

As what I’ve said ,government helps their people as many aspects of their lives. First , for me as a student, education is essential for one of us . They’ve said that “Eduaction is the key to success ” but they can’t make that possible if they are lacked in financial. So government should built programs that can help and can be a solution of their hendrance . Second , the jobless persons. It is one of the reason here in our country why we are not rising from poverty is not having a job. Jobless can’t make their life meaningful and they can’t have what they want to have. So the Government should make a solution and built some job fair to lessen their problem .

Government should think effective ways to help their people to be arise from any community problems.


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